Stephen Curry 口頭禪,由堂兄 Devontée 創立,代表著 Curry 家族一種生活態度、表示成功需要經過不斷挑戰、努力獲得;Stephen Curry 將縮寫 – W. O. E. 圖案紋上右側二頭肌,以提醒自己對 WORKING ON EXCELLENCE 使命。

Working on Excellence is my pursuit, every single year, to continue to get better on and off the court in every facet of my life…I got that tattooed to remind myself of that every single day, and to bring that storytelling through this shoe is definitely something I’m extremely proud of. I don’t know whatthe ceiling is, but I’m always going to continue to work on excellence, work on perfection and continue to better myself on and off the court.
– Stephen Curry

早前Stephen Curry 受 SPORTSNET 訪問,親自講解 “W.O.E. “ 以及與前美國總統 Obama 關係,有興趣可參閱以下YouTube:


Curry 6 ”WOE” 用黑白兩色代表著 Stephen Curry 生活與工作平衡、兩樣對佢生命最重視的事項;
2/8 正式全球發售,Under Armour 與 Stance 聯名推出 Curry 6 x Stance sock collaboration,同日於美國 Under Armour 網站發售。

Under Armour Curry 6 ”WOE” 香港售價HK$1,199。


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