Under Armour Curry 6 “Oakland Sideshow”

Oakland 汽車文化由 80年代初開始出現,起初係 East Oakland 商場停車場出現 Pop-Up Party ,當地名為 「Sideshow」,隨後加入 Hip-pop音樂,令 「Sideshow」成為當地一種非官方社區的傳統文化
Stephen Curry 一直熱愛汽車,同時深受當地「Sideshow」文化影響,觸發起 Curry 6 “Oakland Sideshow” 配色;

“I was determined to bring my love of cars and pay homage to the ‘Sideshow’ culture here – the spectacle that it is – that’s all Oakland. I wanted to bring that story to life and pay respects to the car lovers out there.”
– Stephen Curry

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